Creating engaging visual content on Social Media is half the battle, and it’s one of the most important parts of a brands aesthetic. Visual content is at the heart of social media, and at Theory Crew we understand the importance that content plays.

Not only do we offer end-to-end social media management services, but we also offer premium content production services.

We specialise in brand storytelling through content creation in Melbourne. Our team of content creators help brands stand out from the pack, creating captivating brand messaging and engaging content.

Amplify your brand awareness and engage your audience through effective content creation and social media strategies and campaigns with Theory Crew.

We help brands with video content creation, content plans, beautiful imagery, and copywriting. We have a fully integrated in-house production process when it comes to content creation and strategy. We’re a creative content agency specialising in the beauty, fashion, FMCG and wellness brands you know and love.

We collaborate with top micro-influencers and paid influencers on social media to create user-generated content that resonates with your audience. We use our network to achieve data-driven creative that establishes brand identity, engages your audience and produces sales / leads for your business.

Types of Content we offer:

User-generated content (UGC) - This is any content made by brand ambassadors or consumers instead of the brand itself, and it’s the secret weapon you need to grow your business.

Product Imagery - Implementing the “lifestyle” look, we can help create beautiful product imagery for your social media content. We’re passionate about performance driven creative ads.

Videography - Theory Crew offer an authentic, engaging and cost-effective approach to creating video content for your brand or products. We can help achieve fantastic results when it comes to video content including reels, Tik Toks, gifs and much more.

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